Gwydhyel – Withiel – means a wooded place in Cornish.  The village clusters around St Clemt’s, a Grade I Listed church.  The parish provides a microcosm of Cornwall’s distinctive history and heritage; from the Bronze Age through the first millennium to medieval Cornwall, with its Celtic language and via the industrial revolution to the roots of a modern, rural community.  The settlement dates back to pre-Norman times and had 25 households when it was surveyed for the Doomesday Book in 1086.  Withiel also has links with the 4th century Irish saint, St Uvel, indicating there was a settlement here in the Dark Ages.

Visit one of these great spots in Withiel…

  • St Clement’s Church
  • The Saints’ Way
  • Retire Common
  • Panoramic Viewpoint
  • Celtic Cross
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