Lakes of Bodmin Moor

Water, water everywhere…

Bodmin may not be on the Cornish coast but there’s still plenty of water to be found. Up on Bodmin Moor, there are four lakes that offer walking opportunities, bird watching and even water sports! Take a look at these for more inspiration.

Siblyback Lake
This lake sits on the south east edge of Bodmin Moor offering a perfect location to enjoy an afternoon. As well as admiring the scenery, you can go windsurfing, sailing and kayaking or if you are a keen fisherman, you can go trout fishing. In addition there is a cycling and walking path that circumnavigates the lake and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Colliford Lake
Located south of Jamaica Inn, the famous smugglers haunt immortalised by Daphne du Maurier, Colliford is a tranquil lake providing some excellent moorland walks. With ample parking, picnic areas and lakeside walks, Colliford provides the opportunity for a peaceful day in the countryside.  The Nature Reserve is an important site for birdlife including over-wintering wildfowl.  The lake offers traditional fly fishing for natural brown trout and is regarded as Cornwall’s premier brown trout fishery. Permits are available from Jamaica Inn 01566 86250.

Dozmary Pool
Found in an atmospheric setting high on Bodmin Moor south of the Cornish town of Bolventor. According to local tradition, it was Dozmary Pool that Sir Bedivere finally threw Excalibur. After 3 attempts to relinquish the sword, he finally managed to comply with King Arthur’s wish and threw it into the lake, an arm rose from the surface of lake, caught the sword and vanished back into the lake with it.  A story claims that Dozmary Pool is bottomless. However during the droughts in 1859 and 1976 it dried out to show a shallow lake bed – and no sword! Dozmary Pool is comparatively small, and certainly not deep.

Crowdy Reservoir
Situated within the Bodmin Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest, birdwatchers will not be disappointed at this moorland lake.
The banks, except around the Nature Reserve, are open for walking and picnicking and a bird hide, open to all visitors, is a pleasant 20 minute walk, from the car park along the north bank. In recognition of the high conservation value of this lake, no activities, apart from free wilderness trout angling, take place at this location.

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