Asylum on The Beach

Asylum on The Beach by Kneehigh Theatre

This summer, the Asylum will be in an exciting new location – Carylon Beach (Crinnis) is a huge stretch of sand in the middle of St Austell Bay.  The Asylum is Kneehigh’s own bespoke venue. It is a pop-up palace for fun, hope and escape, to tell stories, dance, eat, drink and celebrate.

This year’s performances:

2nd August – 1st September: The Dancing Frog

15th August – 1st September: Kneehigh’s UBU!

5th September – 22nd September: Kneehigh Presents….

More details are available on their website and the opportunity to pre-book tickets

Leaflets about their summer, are available to pick up at Bodmin Information Centre

Location: Carlyon Beach, St Austell Bay

2nd August – 22nd September


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